Both developers and designers need the tools

It is also beautiful on a high resolution screen. Clear.

Icon search tool conveniently.

Web Icon Font Package, AXIcon

Try using vector icons for your web application projects. Web application can be built more easily and quickly with more than 900 vector icons. AXIcon is just right choice for managers, programmers and designers.


Vector font icons

More than 900 pictographic icons within one font. It shows clear images even with enlarged icons in vector. Especially, it is powerful for retina displays.

Easy and quick

It can be controlled by just using CSS without Javascript. Icons can be added simply with some tags. Also, you can build up a wonderful outcome especially using AXU along with AXIcon.

Icon search tool

No need to search every icon wasting much time as it offers a convenient search tool. Search quickly and just copy and paste the tags to use icons.

How to use


AXIcon is insanely easy to use. Just add up two lines of code in your web application, and that’s it. Especially, with AXU, your project will be more wonderful and quicker to build up.

An easy way : Import CSS

  1. Download AXIcon from its website.
  2. Copy it with the name of axicon in your web application. (Suppose that it is put in /axisj/axicon in this sample)
  3. In html <head> tag, paste axicon.min.css file as the followings.

     `<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/en/axisj/axicon/axicon.min.css" />`
  4. Enjoy your project with AXIcon using AXIcon search tool simply.

How to use

Have you finished installing AXIcon? Please use “AXIcon search tool” to find the icons you want. Refer to the followings if you want to have more various settings.

Default icons

AXIcon uses CSS prefix with the name of axi. Though it uses tag for code simplicity, it is actually more appropriate to use considering HTML context.

<i class="axi axi-axisj"></i>
<i class="axi axi-axu"></i>
<i class="axi axi-axicon-o"></i>

Icon size

AXIcon can be re-sized directly by applying font-size.

<i class="axi axi-axisj"></i>
<i class="axi axi-axu"></i>
<i class="axi axi-axicon-o"></i>

Spin icons

Animation such as loading can be implemented by using AXIcon.

<i class="axi axi-ion-load-a axi-spin"></i>
<i class="axi axi-ion-load-b axi-spin"></i>
<i class="axi axi-ion-load-c axi-spin"></i>
<i class="axi axi-ion-load-d axi-spin"></i>

Rotate icons

Icons can be rotated 90 degrees.

<i class="axi axi-bicycle-man"></i>Normal<br />
<i class="axi axi-bicycle-man axi-rotate-90"></i>axi-rotate-90<br />
<i class="axi axi-bicycle-man axi-rotate-180"></i>axi-rotate-180<br />
<i class="axi axi-bicycle-man axi-rotate-270"></i>axi-rotate-270<br />

Use with AXISJ buttons

A more wonderful buttons can be made with AXISJ buttons.

<button class="AXButton"><i class="axi axi-axisj"></i> AXISJ</button><br />
<button class="AXButton Red"><i class="axi axi-axu"></i> AXU</button><br />
<button class="AXButton Green"><i class="axi axi-axicon"></i> AXIcon</button><br />
<button class="AXButton Blue"><i class="axi axi-jsongum"></i> JSONGum</button>


AXIcon follows LGPL license. This means that you can use it for commercial purposes and add or make some changes. But, when you modify some codes of AXIcon, you are bound to open it to the public as well. Please refer to the license details by category below.

Font License

  • Applies to all desktop and webfont files in the following directories: axicon/fonts/
  • Axicon is redistributing a combination of the following icon file files. Each icon file has the following license.

Source Code License

Other License

Brand Icon License

All brand icons belong to their respective owners. The use of these trademarks does not indicate endorsement of the trademark holder by AXIcon, nor vice versa.